SunVision Tanning Bed

The SunVision tanning bed consists of the commercial and home line.  As a tanning bed it is an excellent choice for salons furthermore it is popular with serious home tanning enthusiasts. With various models to choose from, SunVision tanning bed line is the most versatile, durable and reliable line of tanning beds available in the market.

Photo by DBduo Photography

Experience A SunVision Tanning Bed

Extruded steel and aluminum mainframe is the basis of the SunVision construction.  This construction offers unmatched sturdiness and longevity. A “Duramax” coating, which makes it resistant to wear and tear, covers the exterior. They also feature “quick clip” acrylic removal system that makes it easy to clean and maintain tanning surfaces.

The Bio-Tech tunnel design in each SunVision Tanning Bed offers consistently dark, full body tanning that eliminates uneven tanning. The advanced construction and engineering have earned this line of tanning beds a well deserved reputation.

If you are looking for safe, effective and reliable tanning results, SunVision line of tanning beds is the one. They have a long history of manufacturing home and commercial tanning beds. They also have a sleek array of benefits and features including a staggered-lamp design.  Advanced after-tan cooling system, Advanced SolarMax face tanners, among others, are additional benefits.

For safety purposes, each SunVision Tanning Bed features an integrated digital and security timer designed to keep you and your family safe while getting your tan. The security timer switches off the bench and canopy lamps when the timer runs out.

SunVision commercial Tanning Beds

SunVision line of commercial tanning beds offers a great return on investment to salon operators and owners in the market. Perhaps the most notable commercial model is the 28LE 2F which comes with 28 super efficient, 100-watt tanning lamps. The bed delivers a remarkable bronzing power and even head-to-toe results. The unique design of this series features remote control capability, extruded steel and aluminum mainframe, curved tanning surface, and comes 95% pre-assembled. The 28LE 2F lends itself as a perfect choice for entry-level commercial tanning as well as for high-end homes.

SunVision Home Tanning Beds

The home tanning beds are designed to be simple, user-friendly and most of all with commercial durability. SunVision has some residential tanning beds that deliver unmatched tanning experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The most notable model here is the Sunvision Pro 24S tanning bed. It features 24 efficient, 100-watt Wolff tanning lamps, bio-tech tunnel, exclusively designed acrylic sheets, curved tanning surface and a Duramax 2000 exterior. The Pro 24S was originally designed for home use.  On the other hand, an increasing number of commercial salons and small spas are now using it to keep their customers coming back for a premium tanning experience.


Pick any SunVision Tanning Bed and you will notice a number of rising positive reviews and feedback from both the online and offline community. SunVision tanning beds are designed to offer a powerful tanning experience.  They are designed for a longer tanning time while keeping in mind the safety and comfort of your family and customers.