Sunquest Tanning Bed

“Futuristic” is surely one of the words that will pop up in your head if you see a Sunquest tanning bed.  It is surely one of the most innovative tanning beds to hit the market.

Take for example, the Sunquest Wolff 16RS. One of the company’s flagship products, the exterior is made out extruded aluminum and steel, with a sleek, contoured design that wouldn’t look too out of place in a sci-fi convention. It’s certainly a fresh new look when compared to your regular old tanning beds, a look that is both aesthetically-pleasing and utilitarian at the same time.

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Sunquest Tanning Bed Features

The Sunquest tanning bed is not just about the aesthetic gimmicks. Behind the beautiful scifi exterior is a solid, high quality tanning bed, one that is surely among the top of its class.

Sunquest puts a lot of thought behind the design of their tanning beds. The Sunquest Wolff 16RS is shaped as such because the bio-tech funnel design allows for consistent even tanning.  It has a very wide and curved tanning surface, which comes equipped with aluminum reflectors so that the UV rays that the lamps produce are more concentrated. So, not only do you get consistent tanning results every time you use the bed, you also get tanned faster too. The reduced tanning time means that your chances for over-tanning and damaging your skin will be reduced. It also has a built-in digital timer so that you’ll know when your tanning session is over.

More Safety Features

Sunquest puts a high premium on the safety features of their products. For example, the Sunquest Wolff 16RS is equipped with an automatic cooling system.  This cooling system will kick into action should the bulbs get too hot (the system also prevents them from burning out). The main digital timer, it also has a back up timer system should anything happen to the main one.

Most of the company’s tanning beds are easy to set up too. It works with a standard 120V household current, so there’s no need to use any special breakers. Just plug it in to a wall outlet and you’re good to go. Clean up is very easy too. As the bed comes with a T acrylic removal system, you can easily replace burnt out bulbs at will.

And to top it all off, Sunquest offers a very generous warranty on all of their products. Most are covered with a “Bronze Medal” warranty, which means that you have at least 18 months with which you can exchange and replace parts for free.  A lifetime warranty also covers this bed for any structural defects.