Sun Dash Tanning Bed Investigation

The Sun dash tanning bed series combines durability and performance.  There is also a fine sprinkle of style and beauty across all their bed models. Their collection of tanning beds has everything a private home and an established salon needs.

Sun Dash Tanning Bed Types

They offer both traditional tanning beds and the most advanced tanning booths for both to cater for all customer needs. All their beds are made from beautifully optimized materials including the highest quality metals, plastics, and acrylics. The materials guarantee years of consistent usability while maintaining their perfectly polished and presentable look.

Busy customers can quickly hop in and out of the stand-up tanning bed.  These tanning machines allow you to catch a quick 8 to 10-minutes tan on the go. All the beds come 95 pre-installed and are accompanied by safety goggles, installation manual, user guide, and standard operating procedures for maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Models

One of their most popular tanning bed models is the SunDash Pro. This is a modern creation that perfectly blends design, sophistication and high-quality performance to deliver the best tanning experience. It comes packed with everything you would expect from a global leader in the tanning technology. The 120-watt high-quality lamps can cover any tanning requirements from high-end private homes for startup tanning salon with consistent tanning results.

The Ergoline & Sundash 32 series comes with 32 Super Power UV lamps which line the 2-meter canopy and 400-watt glass reflector facial lamps. The combination delivers an amazing tanning experience way beyond your typical salon tanning bed. The basic cooling system lends the tanner an ample cooling power while the relaxing curvy acrylic base.  Optional stereo speakers turn this Sun dash tanning bed into a mini vacation. A compact size makes the 32 series a perfect choice for businesses with limited space or homes with small room layouts.

For those who prefer the convenience of a tanning booth, Sundash 252 Radius stand-up tanning bed does not fall short of expectations. It delivers quick, beautiful full-body tan in as little as 12 minutes for tanners who are on the go. This masterpiece is cleverly engineered to provide an open-air tanning environment and easily accommodates a wide range of tanners’ preferences. It’s equipped with 52, 2-meter SHO-RUVA high-quality tanning lamps that provide 6.5 feet of tanning power. You can rest assured that even your tallest customer can get an even balanced tan from head to toe.


Sundash is not America’s tanning industry Icon for no reason; for over 30 years, they have learned how to cleverly blend Power, Quality, and Durability when it comes to manufacturing tanning beds. Feel free to explore other notable models not mentioned above including the Sundash 232 and the Sundash 240G. If you are particularly tall or heavily built and you need extra room and comfort, I would recommend that you check out the specs on size before making your purchase for home use; or simply go with widely accommodating Sundash 252.