Stand Up Tanning Bed

What comes to your mind when you think of a tanning bed, surely is not a stand up tanning bed? Most people think of the traditional shell style bed where you lie down on one side of your body while getting tanned. Well, those are great. However, there are other models of tanning beds, and the stand up tanning bed, (also known as tanning booth), is one them.

Photo by KAZVorpal

Low Down On The Stand Up Tanning Bed

As the name suggests, instead of lying down, you stand when getting your tan. In most models you close the door once you get in, but there are open designs too. Some stand-up beds use the same lamps and electronics as the traditional horizontal tanning beds, but they often have a maximum session of 8–15 minutes.

The tanning booth is increasingly gaining popularity with a section of users preferring it over the flat bed. Honestly, there are no technical differences between the horizontal and the stand-up tanning beds. But are there any benefits if using stand up tanning beds? Most people who tan regularly seem to agree that tanning booths have some advantages over the traditional tanning beds. Here are some of the reasons.


Many people are not comfortable with the idea of lying down on used beds in salons. They do not like the fact that their skin will be touching on a surface that someone else was lying on before. Although the beds are always sanitized and disinfected every after each use, some people remain apprehensive. With a stand up tanning bed, these problems do not arise.  No surfaces need to be touched in order to get tanned. However, if you are still not convinced, it just might be a good idea to buy your tanning bed where nobody but you uses it.


The typical session for most traditional tanning beds is about 20 minutes; stand up tanning beds reduce this time by half. Tanning booth sessions can be as short as 8 or 10 minutes, which allows customers to get in and out quickly. Consequently, there is less maintenance required – no acrylics to wipe down and disinfect.  This means the booth stays in service for more hours per day, leading to increased turnover and income.


Most users report that they experience less sweating when in tanning booths as compared to the flat beds. The booths allow complete air circulation around the body. You can grab a quick session in a stand up tanning bed, get dressed and leave without the need to redo ruined makeup or hair.

Even Tan

The tanning booth allows you to enjoy greater limb mobility and flexibility compared to the traditional beds. For example, You can raise your arms to get an all round tan even in areas you wouldn’t have tanned such as under the arms and inner thighs. Additionally, it has been observed that when lying in the horizontal tanning beds, the pressure points do not get tanned. In the tanning booth, these issues are eliminated, offering you an all-around even tan.

Bottom lime

As you can see, a stand up tanning bed seems to have some advantages over the traditional horizontal tanning bed. But then again, people have different tests and preferences; there is a good number of individuals is still prefer to go the traditional way. So if the above benefits seem to work in your favor, go for it.