Solar Storm Tanning Bed Investigation

The solar storm tanning bed series offers high-quality tanning experience for both commercial and private home users. The beds have high-performance features that deliver 30% more tanning than typical beds in the market. They also promise maximum comfort, and quicker, more even results to users at an affordable price.

Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

Why the Solar Storm tanning bed?

The solar storm tunnel design and ultra-efficient lamps deliver high powered UV light.  This light ensures you spend less time in the beds and limit exposure. Their solid quality construction and large roomy tanning areas offer maximum comfort than other tanning bed brands in the market. They are also the best option for people of large size.

The best part about the Solar Storm tanning beds is that they come 90% pre-assembled for your convenience. When you receive your equipment, you only need to install the shocks, legs, and arms on your bed and it’s ready to go to work. Your tanning bed will come with a pair of tanning goggles. Always wear your tanning goggles to protect your eyes from UV light.

Popular Solar Storm tanning beds

Solar storm offers a broad range of top-quality and durable commercial and home tanning beds that are increasingly becoming popular.  The are being used across thousands of private homes and salons in skin tanning industry. They offer both stand up tanning beds and tanning booths suitable for home and startup salons as well and established luxury spas. Here are four of their most popular models in the market.

  • Solar Storm 36ST: This Solar storm Stand-Up Tanning Bed offers the largest tanning surface than most of its competitors. It features 36 super-efficient high-performance lamps and unique custom design with unbelievably lower price than any of its competitors in this category. Maximum tan time is 20 minutes.
  • Solar Storm 32C: The 32C tanning booth features 8 SunFusion Face and Arm, 16 Wolff High Output Lamps, and 8 SunFusion ultra-efficient Face lamps. With 32 high-output lamps and one the largest tanning surface on the market.  You can expect nothing but high quality, even and golden tan with minimized exposure time.
  • Solar Storm 48ST: The 48ST is a resilient stand-up Solar storm tanning bed with an impressive piece of engineering featuring 48 160-Watt Wolff High Output Lamps. It offers the highest tanning surface than any commercial tanning booths in the industry today. It’s best suited for salons, high-end spas, and hotels.
  • Solar Storm 24s: this high-performance home tanning bed promises quality results without compromising your safety, comfort or time. The bed features 12 Wolff High-Output Lamps, 6 SunFusion High-Output Face Lamps and 6 SunFusion High-Output bulbs for an optimal tanning experience.

Bottom Line

Solar Storm has its root well established in the indoor tanning industry with a firm grip on the latest trends in the tanning technology. Beyond this list, they have numerous other tanning bed models and parts that are doing well in the market.  You will see positive reviews and feedback building up every day. If you need super-quality tanning results at an affordable price without compromising your comfort and safety, then a Solar Storm tanning bed might be just what you need.