PureTan Tanning Bed Investigation

Puretan International, Inc is located in North Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in the manufacturing of indoor tanning bed systems and accessories. It has been in the indoor tanning business since 1986. With over two decades of experience in the indoor tanning business, the company rose to become one of the leading brands in the skin tanning industry.

PureTan Tanning Bed History

The company prides itself on a long history of satisfying their clients and surpassing their expectations. Their leading brand of tanning beds offers quality and performance that only comes with a company of 20+ years of experience. They also offer individual tanning bed parts and accessories.  These parts include tanning bed lamps of different types, fans, acrylics, goggles, as well as acrylic cleaners and disinfectants

The company’s tanning beds come in different models, types, and designs. They manufacture both home and commercial tanning beds to suit individuals that wish to have their tan in the comfort of their home as well as entrepreneurs looking to start a tanning salon. With Puretan tanning beds, you get to choose between the traditional tanning beds and the stand-up tanning bed versions.

PureTan Status

There is currently little information on the status and operations of Puretan International. The information available indicates that the company shrunk most of its operations back in 2007 and might not be producing any more tanning beds. It’s not clear if the enterprise went out of business.

Nonetheless, Puretan tanning beds are still doing what they do best in thousands of homes, salons, spas and hotels in America and across the world. They still command a loyal fan base of users that value their ingenious original engineering, design and super quality performance. If you need solid prove for this, try offering any second hand Puretan tanning bed on forums or online stores, and you will not believe the number of bids that will stream in.

Puretan has over ten tanning beds still going strong in the indoor tanning industry. The most popular model is their Puretan Eclipse III. For lack of better terms, this bed is a masterpiece of tanning technology. The Eclipse III comes with 42 160-watts high-performance lamps on top and 8 400-watt facial lamps. Maximum tanning session is 15 minute, but anywhere between 5 and 8 minutes is sufficient for a regular tanner. Like any other Puretan tanning bed, the Eclipse III offers deep, dark tanning with minimum exposure.  The bed also has a strong reputation for durability.

Other favorite Puretan tanning bed models include the Puretan Aruba series, Puretan Jetstar, Puretan Hawaii II, Puretan St Croix, Puretan Eclipse I, Puretan Eclipse II, Puretan Ellipse VHOR, and Puretan California 36. The best part about Puretan beds is that in additional to being versatile and super-durable, most of their parts are generic.  Having generic parts means you don’t have to panic if you can’t get a particular manufacturer’s replacement parts.