Prosun Tanning Bed Series Investigation

The Prosun tanning bed range is made by ProSun International, LLC.  This is a family owned business founded in 1995 by Tom Henkemans. It originally started as a manufacturer of professional tanning equipment and auto luggage carriers. The company is currently headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, USA and is synonymous with ProSun®, Luxura® and AquaFrixio® brands names.

The Prosun Tanning Bed Series

ProSun has spent over 30 years developing wellness and beauty solutions. It’s the manufacturer of AquaFrixio, the only trackless hydro massage system.  ProSun is currently the exclusive distributor of Luxura line of professional tanning beds. Luxura was first introduced in 1979 and has now grown to be one the leading tanning bed provider in the world.

ProSun line of health and wellness specializes in tanning beds, tanning booths, tanning lotions, sunless tanning, and salon startup consultation. They offer both commercial and home beds that come in varied sizes, and capacities. Let’s sample some of their most popular commercial and home tanning beds.

Prosun commercial tanning beds

The ProSun commercial tanning beds are designed to suit any budget and setting with excellent performance and quality. Their beds are perfect for established luxury salons, brand-new start-ups, as well as fitness and wellness centers preferring indoor tanning.

  • Luxura X10: A level five lay-down tanning bed that delivers super-fast tanning within 10 minutes. It features a sleek curved shell with lots of luxury features. It’s one of the most powerful commercial tanning beds in its category
  • Luxura X7: This ProSun tanning bed is a level 4 horizontal bed that delivers a power tan within 12 minutes or less. The bed is engineered with your customer’s comfort in mind. it’s large enough and fully customizable to suit a broad range if clientele needs.
  • Luxura X5: this is another powerful level 4 commercial tanning bed that comfortably fits in mid-range bed market, giving their competitors a run for their money. This compact design will only need a maximum of 12 minutes of your time to give you a quality, deep, and dark tanning.
  • Luxura V8: This level 5 tanning booth that comes with a stylish and smooth finish and an ambient FlowLight. It’s quite affordable to you and convenient to customers who need to hop in for a quick turn.

Prosun home tanning beds

In addition to the commercial versions, Prosun offers an impressive collection of home tanning beds.  The home tanning beds currently sits pretty well in the skin tanning industry. Here is a sample of the most popular models.

  • Sundream 12V: if you are looking for a portable and stylish Prosun tanning bed, the 12V is your best option. It is an elegant canopy tanning bed, relatively small in size and lined with top-notch UV lamps. The supporting base has wheels for easy movement and maneuverability. It’s a perfect choice for regular travelers and those who don’t have lots of space.
  • RelaxSun 16 110V ProSun Tanning Bed: these home tanning beds come with the power and versatility associated with its commercial counterparts. It’s pretty compact and includes U-clip acrylic removal system which makes cleaning the reflectors and routine maintenance hassle-free.
  • ProSun Jade 24: the Jade comes with 24 100–watt super–efficient lamps with a 20–minute maximum secession time. The ProSun Jade 24 perfectly combines the notable ProSun performance with the unmatched European design to deliver enhanced versatility and durability.
  • ProSun Jade 32: this is so far the most powerful Prosun tanning bed in the home model category. It comes with 14 100–Watt lamps on the bench and 18 110–Watt lamps in the compact canopy. Like there Jade 24 counterparts, the Jade 32 also cleverly combines performance and style.  The Jade 32 will give you the deepest and darkest tan of your choice in the comfort and privacy of your home.


With over 30 years in the industry, ProSun has what it takes to bring the best and safest tanning technologies to the market effortlessly. Their series of both home and commercial tanning beds are modeled to offer customized and exceptional tanning results at all levels. Whether you’re launching a start–up tanning salon, operating a high-end luxury spa or just need an occasional tanning session in the comfort of your home; ProSun has got you covered.