Important Tanning Accessories and Why You Need Them

Tanning is not just on the bed alone. If you have your tanning bed at home (or are thinking about opening up your tanning salon), there are necessary tanning accessories you must have on hand to make the tanning experience as complete and ideal as possible.

Tanning Accessories

The following is a list of tanning accessories that are definitely required if you take your tanning seriously.  Your decision on accessories shouldn’t make a different if you are going to a Salon or even if you own your tanning bed.

Tanning Bed Cleaner

Commercial tanning beds must use an FDA-registered tanning bed cleaner and disinfectant- it’s a business requirement that you would need to adhere to if you’re running a tanning salon. A 16-ounce bottle of concentrated cleaner can make over 20 gallons of disinfectant when diluted with water. While most salons typically use a cap of detergent mixed with water in a quart sprayer, the mixing ratios can vary from one cleaning manufacturer to another.

For home tanning beds, you can make do without using commercial cleaners. Just mix one part white vinegar with one part water; not only is this homemade cleaning solution cheaper than commercial ones, but it is also safe for your skin too.

Tanning Bed Goggles

Tanning exposes you to UV rays; while your eyelids provide some protection for your eyes, this is often not enough. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can turn the whites of your eyes yellow and may even cause severe eye damage.

You should find goggles that easily fit comfortably around your head. Shop for one made of pliable material that can conform to your face shape. Size is also a major factor here; too small and your goggles will be uncomfortable and won’t be able to provide adequate protection, too big, and they might give you very noticeable tan lines.

Tanning Bed Lotions

Never use suntan lotions (i.e. the same kind you would wear on the beach).  Only use lotions that are specially manufactured for use with indoor tanning beds. The SPF found in suntan often blocks both UVA and UVB rays, which would largely be counterproductive to what you want to accomplish in a tanning bed. Some tanning beds are also made out of acrylic material that will get damaged due to the SPF.

Tanning Bed Moisturizer

Tanning bed lotions help you achieve a deeper tan, while moisturizers help your skin not to dry out after the tanning process. UV rays CAN be damaging and can dry out your skin. So to make sure that your skin stays hydrated after a tanning session.  Drink lots of water and apply a good quality moisturizer to help cool the skin and replenish the lost moisture.