ESB Tanning Bed Feature Discovery

The ESB tanning bed presents itself as an industry leader in home tanning beds, offering the largest selection of residential tanning equipment. They manufacture tanning beds, stand up tanning systems, tanning booths, red light therapy systems, and Bronzing beds.

Having been in the industry for over 18 years, they have mastered the art of blending performance, style, quality and durability to offer the most advanced tanning technology. They are known to advocate for smart tanning which avoids burning and overexposure to UV lights.

ESB Tanning Bed

Benefits Of The ESB tanning bed

We all know the benefits that come with home tanning; comfort, privacy, convenience, refreshing and free from potential infections. These conveniences are what ESB banks on to push their home tanning products ahead. When you think of it, home tanning saves you the time and hassle of having to go to the salon or spa every time you need a simple tan.

A quick run through the ESB Tanning Beds

Their full line of tanning beds hits every size, model and lamp count available, from tanning booths, to flat tanning beds, and basic 16 bulb units to massive 36 bulb models. The Grande 16 was one of their first introductions 15 years ago. It has a reflector style lamp that produces 50% more tanning. The Grande 16 has much more to offer than just the typical tanning experience.

The 12 ESB Sunergy provides a balance tan with their blue and pink lamps designed specifically for the arms and face. With this model, you no longer have to come out of a tanning bed with patchy arms and unevenly tanned face. They also come with 100-watt lamps backed with 1,000-hour life performance.

Have met the Grande 20 yet? This ESB tanning bed offers power, beauty and consistent premium home tanning experience. It comes with ESB Sunergy Reflector blue and pink lamps for arms and face, with 2,000-watts tanning power, total body cooling system, high-gloss tanning lamp reflectors, and super-clear acrylics for deep, dark tanning.

ESB Home tanning beds?

And then there is the Avalon 24. It has been America’s most popular home tanning bed for over a decade now. Those who love style and elegance will find this model sleek, beautiful and modern with exceptional tanning and performance. The “swirl and reflector” tanning lamps, and the pink and blue lamps offer 80% more power than your typical tanning bed.

The Avalon 28 ESB tanning bed is one of the best tanning beds you can find on the market today. You will only require 6 to 8 minutes per session, with a maximum of 17 minutes. This model comes with 18 unique ESB blue and pink lamps and 28 Sun express reflector lamps that also guarantee 80% tanning.

Other notable ESB tanning bed brands include the Radiance 26 Trio, Oasis 36, timeless beauty 20, 26 and 36, Galaxy 14, 18, 22, and 30, and Elite 16.

Bottom line

Looking at what ESB has to offer, it’s no doubt that it’s a leading home tanning bed provider. There series of high performance, quality, and elegant tanning beds keep rising in popularity in the tanning industry. Feel free to explore more of their home tanning bed series and what else they have to offer on their website.