About Us

As a mother of two, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. Unfortunately, all I end up with is a farmer and half leg tan. The fact of nature is, with all my stretch marks, these are the only areas I would allow to be exposed in public. Unfortunately, I am yet to find a cure or a dermatological treatment that maybe takes months to see even the slightest results. I am not saying I have discovered my cure for stretch marks, but I did come across an option that most women wouldn’t even consider.

Masking body imperfections and badges of weight gain and loss is a major issue with me and “all” my girlfriends. One of my friends had a destination wedding as one of the bridesmaids. She was given a package deal at a tanning salon so she could carry off the lack of material that she was required to wear for the wedding, no to mention season and the lobster skin color. I was dutifully with her for moral support and to make sure she went through with it. I was amazed after just one session on how glowing and bronze her skin looked. Her stretch marks on her belly and thighs were faded, and no doubt with another session or two would blend in with her tan. Well, that was enough to sign me up for a package, and get me interested in the tanning industry, hence the creation of this website.